Picture perfect: Making your property listing more appealing through photography

As the old saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. This could not be truer when it comes to selling your home and as anyone who has been on the housing hunt will testify, the best photography gets people through the door.

Of course, whether or not these people eventually convert and make an offer for your property is another matter. Great photography is about garnering interest and beyond that, it’s up to the house itself to do all of the selling.

However, to help with that elusive first stage, today’s guide has listed four points to give you a fighting chance.

Analyse the lighting

Unfortunately, there’s no direct answer to this first point. As anyone who has dabbled in photography will understand, different times prompt different types of shots. This first step is all about understanding how light reacts with your home, and what time prompts the best photos. This might take a few days to get your head around, but it will make the world of difference.

It might be the brightest day of the year, but switch on the lights

On the subject of lighting, you also need a bit of synthetic lighting to play a part. While natural light makes a considerable difference, synthetic light adds immense warmth to a property. Ultimately, this is the characteristic that makes your home “homely”.

Staging is key

Some of you might think this is a little fake and in some ways, you’re absolutely right. However, you’re trying to sell a home – and not everyone will appreciate your own decorations. This is why staging is crucial.

This means that you need to think outside the box. Decluttering is the first step, but the tips can go on. For example, fresh flowers from somewhere like Avas Flowers can transform a room. These bouquets from Avas Flowers show what can be done in all types of spaces and if you are trying to multiply the effect across your property, there are some Avas Flowers discounts at this link.

In terms of other staging methods, some people will go as far as setting the table for dinner! It’s a fine balance between making your home feel “livable”, but also neat and tidy.

The early bird… catches the best garden shots

Finally, let’s talk about the garden. If you have one, it’s a huge selling point (when done correctly) and umpteen studies have proven this over the years.

However, in terms of photography, you need to get the shot right. Whether you are taking a snap of the exterior of your property, or the garden grounds themselves, that early dawn light makes a home look much softer and will make your photos look much more tempting.

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