How to pass a drug test?

Most of us have been there, wondering if someone close to us or a potential employer will discover that we have used any illegal substance. Although we would always advise you to be honest and do a real test, sometimes “micro-cheating” is permissible. Up until recently, many people have utilized several old-fashioned solutions to hide any traces of drugs, however, you must keep in mind that technology has advanced and that the things that were beneficial before are no longer useful. Experienced “cheaters” know that adding a bleach or salt to your urine is not going to help you pass the test because they can easily be detected now. Your best bet is to check this clear-choice sub solution – total review, but after you read this article. So what can you do then?

Illicit substances and your system

Luckily, there is one helpful sidekick that will help you get away with this, however, before we disclose more details about it we just want to briefly inform you about the length of time some drugs can stay in your body.



Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs in the world and unfortunately, the number of first-time users is constantly rising. Within a matter of minutes or in some cases seconds it will make you feel euphoric and excited. It is worth mentioning that in most cases it cannot be detected in your urine after just two days, however, if you’re a heavy user it will probably be visible even after that period of time.



It comes from the Cannabis plant and THC is the active ingredient in this drug. Marijuana takes effect very fast, in approximately four to eight minutes, however, you must keep in mind that THC will stay in your body much longer. Even though you will not stay high for too long because our body rapidly processes all those psychoactive compounds, it may still remain in your system for up to one month.



Cocaine is a very powerful drug that can almost instantly take effect on your brain. Within minutes you will suddenly feel a burst of energy. It doesn’t matter whether you are snorting, smoking or injecting it the repercussion on your brain will be exactly the same. Now, when it comes to its presence, Cocaine along with its chemicals will stay in your body for almost three days, however, if we are talking about a chronic use it will be there even longer.



Over the past couple of decades, people have been using these stimulants to treat a wide range of health disorders, starting with depression, anxiety, narcolepsy and even obesity. They stimulate the central nervous system, boost your energy and improve your mental focus. It doesn’t matter whether you are continuously using them or not, in most cases, they will be detected in your urine if you’ve used them in the past 24 to 48 hours.


Sub-solution and a drug test 

As all of you already know, there are tons of drugs in the world, we named you some just to briefly introduce you to their effects on your brain and body. Undoubtedly, we will always support not faking a drug test, however, if it’s a matter of “life and death” then sub-solution can be of great help. What is it exactly? It is a synthetic urine and definitely one of the surest ways to pass any drug test by placing it into the cup. This thing is actually mimicking the real one. Many people are wondering is it safe and reliable and according to some reviews and experiences it really is. If you’re dealing with some emergencies, sub-solution may really come in handy.

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