How to Help A Friend Struggling with Drug Addiction?

Just getting to know that your friend is a victim of drug abuse is disturbing. To help them out of this addiction can be a long and disheartening journey. However, you cannot see your friend damaging her physical and mental state or their family and everyone surrounding them. It seems painful but it is crucial that you take time and persuade your friend to seek necessary help to quit.

What is drug addiction?

Drug user does not get addicted to it suddenly. They start using drug in the first place due to curiosity or enhance athletic performance or to give friend company or numb emotional pain. At some point, the use of drug increases from impulsive to problematic.

Drug addiction and abuse is less about drug use frequency but is more about reasons why people take support from this bad habit, which results in misuse. For example, if use of drug is triggering issues like strained relationship or losing job then you possibly are suffering from drug abuse dilemma.

Risk factors increasing the chances of addiction

Everyone who use drugs don’t get addicted, but the possibility that someone can get addicted depends on several factors like –

  • Family history with addiction
  • Mental health problems like depression and anxiety
  • Early drug use
  • Traumatic experiences like abuse, negligence, etc.
  • Administration method like smoking drug can increase likelihood of becoming addictive

Drug abuse symptoms

Drug users display lots of physical and behavioural warning signs. Each kind of drug has its unique demonstration of abuse signs. Some general signs, which may indicate that your friend or loved one is possibly using drugs include –

  • Sudden behavioural change
  • Mood disorder
  • Red or dilated eyes
  • Issues at work or school
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Becomes careless with respect to personal grooming
  • Changed sleep pattern
  • Lack interest in sports and other favourite activities
  • Suddenly asks for money or an increase in their spending

How to help your friend to quit drug abuse?

Gain knowledge about addiction

It is hard and no guarantee that you can get your friend stop using drugs. Trying to talk to them in seeking help may be helpful. However, before you discuss or offer support gain knowledge about education not just the symptoms. Addiction is a disease, which affects the user badly.

Offer your support

Drug users sometimes don’t know how much they are loved by their friends and family. Talk to them about your anxiety. Never wait for the hit bottom rock speak up moment, but tell them you are going to be supportive in their recovery journey.

Persuade them to seek help

The earlier addiction gets treated, the better. You may get excuses and denials because they don’t desire to get treated. Be persistent and discuss the importance that your friend joins the Christian addiction treatment rehab.

Tell them there is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about in trying to get clean but is a courageous thing to recover back in their good lifestyle. Intervention from professionals can also be helpful if addiction is deep.

Remain involved during and post recovery process. Post recovery process is ongoing, so ensure that your friend participates in the recovery support group meetings. Be encouraging, loving, supportive, and even firm, so that the recovery is healthy.

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