How much does the blue light filter help?

A blue light filter is abundantly omnipresent in our digitized world since the rise of several eye health diseases and problems has led to the creation of eye protection. A blue light filter is used in smartphones, computers and laptops. Now people have become severely conscious about blue light and use filters to avoid penetration into their eyes. The real question is what does the blue light filter help in overcoming eyestrain, dry eye and giving comfort and enhanced visual experience.

What is Blue light?

Blue light is present everywhere around us, starting from the sun to our digital devices. Blue light is short-wavelength with high energy that we are naturally exposed to either from the sun or computers. The contact of blue light with us is done by long-duration use of computers and staring at them helps them penetrate directly in the retina of our eye. This blue light exposure has a profound response on our body causing a change in our sleep patterns, mood and emotions.

How does Blue light harm our eyes?

The constant dependant on a computer screen for several duration has led to the emergence of several eye-related diseases and discomfort. The long hours in a single day adds up to thousands of hours and absorption of blue light in months and even years and start to create a negative impact on your health which in future cause severe potential vision damage. The transformation from subtle to severe desecration takes no time and comes without any warning. Often the pixelated nature of images on the web requires more focus from the eye which causes eye strain. Not only conventional eye strain, but other medical discomfort and disadvantages are blurry image formation, headache, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue and weariness and difficulty sleeping pattern. Hence it becomes very important to use eye protection in our day to day life.

What is the Blue light Filter?

A blue light filter is made to protect from the blue light absorption and reflect the light displayed from the screen of the device. This filter allows comfortable viewing experience without the occurrence of eye strain and dry eye syndrome. A blue light filter is immensely important to adapt in your lifestyle as there is no escape from these harmful blue light and avoiding and not using any protection would only lead permanent vision loss and other eye problems. Since blue light also suppresses the production of melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone, with the employment of blue light filter you can get back your healthy sleeping pattern and not looking exhausted and tired at the end of the day.

Blue light filters in Protective eyewear

Blue light filters installed in apps, Pc and laptops are not enough for protective eye health. Therefore blue light filter glasses are widely favoured for overthrowing these eye hurdles and adopting a convenient and comfortable accessory that you can rely on for daily use. Blue light filtering glasses have an anti-reflective coating that blocks or absorbs blue light from penetrating through and reaching our eye. Also known as computer glasses, these blue lenses in glasses are effectively responsible for reducing blue light penetration from the computer and other devices. Keeping you safe and healthy from eye-strain, dry eye syndrome and regulating safe eye health. The blue light filters help remarkably towards giving you comfortable visibility without causing uncertain sleeping pattern, eye diseases and reduce the risk of upcoming eye threats.

At specscart, these blue light filter glasses are available without an eyeglass prescription for individuals without any vision correction. Replace lenses in glasses and with a wide variety of design in frames and find the right solution towards better eye health care. Our computer glasses or blue light filter glasses can also be prescribed to optimize your vision specifically for the eye distance you prefer.

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