4 Ways To Beat Your Addiction

I am no stranger to the addiction crisis. I began to face my demons with addiction about three years ago. I am now two and a half years into my recovery and have learned a lot. I will tell you this much: it does get easier. However, this is something you will have to battle for the rest of your life. Below you will find a few tips like a rehab guide for alcoholon how you and your family can get through the fight and come out a winner.

Rehab Guide For Alcohol: The Four Things You Need To Know

1) You have to keep the communication open on both sides. Your loved one cannot feel afraid to talk to you about something for fear of being reprimanded. They are already facing enough punishment because of their drinking. They do not need you to pile on my self-righteous lines about what they should be doing.

Some people feel they are superior to those who have a drinking problem. That is the last thing they need from you. Sometimes an intervention is needed, but you should consult with a professional first. Sometimes it is better for you to sit there and be quiet, letting the professional say what they need to say.

There is no reason for the professional to be there if you are going to run the show and do the talking. News flash: this is not about you. It is about them.

Sometimes you have to hear from a neutral third-party in order for the words to resonate and have a lasting impact.

2) Do you listen? Do you just listen for a word or phrase to respond to? It is not going to work if you make it about you. That could be part of the reason they started the drinking.

3) It is not enough to tell the person “you are concerned.” You have to give them reasons. Are you willing to listen to what your loved one has to say? Making it all about you is not going to help their case. In fact, it may drive them further down the road to destruction by dismissing their feelings.

No family is perfect, so why pretend?

Listen with genuine intent. Respect their feelings because this is part of the road to recovery.

4) Ultimatums are a no-no. That will give them more incentive to keep drinking. You need to research the process. Find out the right things to say. That way your loved one will have more incentive to get clean.

Three Reasons To Join A Rehab

1) You are not going to be able to stop whenever you want. Sometimes will power is not enough.

2) Rehab is going to work. I speak from personal experience. You will have to take it one day at a time, but you cannot do this on your own.

3) Stop saying “What if?” There are plenty of “what ifs.” Concentrate on living in the moment.

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