Does Cell Phone Radiation Really Cause Cancer?

A lot of people are doubting the validity of the notion that cell phones can cause radiation leading to cancer. Studies have shown different results. Some researchers believe that there is truth in this idea, but others think that there is really no clear link between the two. Radiation, in general, is harmful, but due to the small amount present in cellular phones, it seems unlikely that radiation from phones can cause cancer.

Regardless, radiation is still radiation. It might be in small doses, but it can grow bigger over time. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are protected against it. This is even more important for your kids. You need cell phone radiation protection for them. They are more vulnerable. If adults who have fully developed immune system may still be left affected by radiation, you can only imagine how much worse it is for kids.


Besides, it is not like using protection is a burden for you. Protection comes in different forms. There are those that you can wear as jewellery. Others can be placed on your clothes or inside your bag. You choose whatever it is that you think would be easier to wear.


Limit the use of your phone

Apart from the idea of using protection against radiation, it also helps if you limit the use of phones. There are a lot of things that you can do without your phone. More people are becoming dependent on smartphones when in fact in the past, these phones were barely used. If you can find a way to go on with your life without using your phone all the time, it would be better. You should also teach your kids to do the same thing.


Keep phones away

Even when not in use, phones should not be kept close to your body. This could be detrimental. They still continue producing radiation. This is worse when you sleep next to your phone. Just turn it off when not in use and place it far from you. Avoid placing the phone in your pocket or anywhere close to your body especially over an extended period of time.

Again, the idea that radiation from phones can cause cancer might be ridiculous for some people. However, besides cancer, other illnesses might also develop. Therefore, it helps if you just use proper protection. The radiation protectors that you can buy are affordable. You can just order online and they will be delivered to you.

With the right protection and minimal use of your phone, you are safe from the detriments of radiation. It does not mean you have to fully avoid the use of phones, but just find a way to limit its use and stay protected against radiation.

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