Do You Think Older People Are at Greater Risk from COVID-19?

COVID -19 is relatively a new virus that the world is facing is for the first time. This remains unresolved till now even after so many months. Every day, we learn something new about this virus.

In this article, we shall talk mainly about the effects of COVID-19, as far as people who are 60 years and above are concerned. This section of population is at a highest risk of death, as it is seen during last few months.

If this virus affects any family then it has been seen that younger people get recovered soon, but old people either take a longer time to recover or die.

Actually, as you get old, your immunity reduces and particularly those who are suffering from diabetes or hypertension then the medications offered will often react and older people cannot survive.

Let us see how you can reduce the risk among old people to get infected by COVID-19 virus.

  1. All older people must wear FDA approved BYD N95 face masks whenever they venture out of their home and visit any public place. They must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from people around.
  2. Whenever they go out, and return back home, they must change their dress, avoid touching their nose, mouth or eyes. They must wash their hand thoroughly with soap and preferably take a bath too. They should also change their shoes.
  3. Best thing is to avoid going out of home as much as possible unless it is totally unavoidable.
  4. Make sure that your home should be maintained clean and all the doorknobs and handles must be sanitized regularly. Use any sanitizer containing alcohol of 70% to sanitize home.
  5. If you are smoking then try to stop this habit. Also, avoid sitting near a person who is smoking. Smoking may also affect the immune system.
  6.  It will be a good idea to carry a pocket sized sanitizer when you are going out.
  7. Try to avoid looking at TV news or visit any websites that talk about COVID-19 related death etc. All this disturbing news often play a havoc on the mind and that can make a person psychologically weak.
  8. Avoid visiting Facebook or many other social sites, which depict distorted and false information, which can often be disturbing for aged people too, who had never faced similar situation during their heydays.
  9. Above all, do not panic, as not all old people who had been infected from COVID-19 has ended up dying. There are plenty of survivors among old people too.

Besides the elderly people, pregnant women, children are also at risk of being infected by COVID-19. Certainly, we can prevent that and we should never hesitate to seek any medical advice, if it is ever needed during such times.

Slightest discomfort should also be communicated at least to the family members, so that proper medical advice can be sought and proper care can be offered.

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