Common Causes of Hernias and the Need for Hernia Surgery  

An inguinal hernia is the more common type of hernia. About 70% of all hernia patients suffer from this type. It occurs when the intestines push into a weak spot. It also happens when there is a small tear in the abdominal wall or the inguinal canal. For men, it is in the groin area which holds up the testicles. For women, the channel has a ligament holding the uterus in place. This type is more common among men than women.

Another type of hernia is a hiatal hernia. It happens when a section of the stomach sticks through the diaphragm, entering the chest cavity. It usually happens to people who are aged 50 or older. It may also occur among children as a result of a congenital disability. As a result, people with this illness suffer from acid reflux or a burning sensation.

Common Causes 

There are several reasons why people have a hernia. Age is a significant factor. As we grow old, our body parts tend to weaken. If the regions that are responsible for holding up specific components are no longer as stable as they used to, a hernia could happen.

Chronic coughing is also another problem as it pushes things out of your system. You also disturb your normal breathing cycle with this illness. Some people have no signs before, but because of an injury, they developed a hernia.

Straining during a bowel movement is also a big issue as it weakens your muscles. People who are lifting heavy weight all the time are also prone to a hernia. Sudden weight gain could also lead to this problem.

Who is at risk?

Although various factors might lead to the development of a hernia, some people have a higher risk than others. People with a history of a hernia in the family might also have the same problem. Those who are currently overweight or obese might also develop this problem. Chronic constipation is also another threat as it keeps your body weak. Most of all, if you are a chain smoker, you might develop this condition as smoking leads to a chronic cough.


There are different signs that you already have this issue. A lump in the affected region is a common sign. If you feel a lump in one or both sides of your pubic bone, you might have a hernia. Babies who have this problem cry hard when you touch the area with a bulge.

Another sign could be discomfort when you touch the affected region or when you bend and lift things. You might also suffer from burning and aching sensations all the time, or you feel like you have a large abdomen.

If you currently face these issues, you need someone to help you. Check out options for the best hernia surgery in Surrey so that you can get treatment soon. In most cases, a hernia needs emergency surgery. You can’t just take it slow, as it could complicate pretty quickly. Although rare, complications could lead to death.


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