Can a Car Accident Cause a Bulging Disc?


Car accidents are enough of a problem when it comes to finances, such as repairing damage and handling lawsuits. However, it becomes even more serious when it affects your health. Among the common injuries associated with car accidents is a bulging disc, which can be worsened if you already have issues with your spine.

This injury affects your neck and back, and the force that comes with getting hit by another car can put enough pressure on your spine to affect your mobility. Thankfully, it can still be treated. Here’s how a car accident can cause a bulging disc and the best way to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

The injury

First, what is a bulging disc? The discs which are situated between the vertebrae are made of cartilage, and when your back is in good shape, they make it easy for you to flex and turn. They also absorb shocks, which shouldn’t be an issue if the source of the shock isn’t severe.

However, these discs can bulge after they wear out and weaken if exposed to enough shock over time, leading them to swell through a small crack in the spine. Symptoms of a bulging disc include pain or tingling in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and fingers, as well as a hard time walking and muscle spasms. Harsher signs include pain in the upper back, which can spread to the stomach and chest, as well as a loss of motor skills.

Role of an accident

While bad posture, weight gain and pre-existing injuries can lead to bulging discs, you have a much higher risk as a victim of a car accident. The force inflicted upon you during the collision can cause your discs to strain — this can be a big problem because the discs are softer than bone, and it can force your spine into a position that it’s not supposed to be in.

The necessary force can come from suddenly breaking in order to avoid hitting an object or animal that popped out on the road, as well as an inattentive driver hitting you from the side or behind. Symptoms take time to surface, as not much pain comes from bulging discs at first. It is important to talk to a professional with at least an Associate’s Degree in nursing about how you’re feeling days or weeks after the accident so that you know if you have a bulging disc.

Financial recovery

Ensuring that you’re taken care of financially after a car accident, especially if you experience bulging discs or other injuries, requires you to discuss the situation with your lawyer. The more evidence you have of physical damage, such as photos of the bruises and medical records of your symptoms, the better chance you’ll have of winning a settlement.

You’ll want to speak with an accident attorney in Pennsylvania or your local area, so that you get information from someone who deals with cases similar to yours. Be sure to have the contact information of other people involved in the accident, such as phone numbers, license plate numbers, and email addresses, so that your attorney has the proper legal documents. Showing that you focused on your safety, sought medical treatment immediately, and made other appropriate steps will allow the lawyer to make an excellent argument for you.


While you and your lawyer are working out your case, you can take certain steps to physically recover from a bulging disc so that you can get back to driving, working, and other important parts of your daily life. You can see a chiropractor so that you know the shape of your disc and how the spine should be adjusted to fix them, as well as a physical therapist so that you can learn special exercises to reduce the pain associated with this injury.

It helps to stay active as you recover and avoid sitting down, which can make the pain worse. Walking, dancing, cycling, and weight-bearing exercises can decrease back pain by strengthening your core. Seven to nine hours of sleep, as well as rest between workouts, will make it easier to support your body weight, thus giving your back less stress to deal with.

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