5 Things Seniors Can Do Now For Better Health

Seniors looking for senior care services in Altamonte Springs fl who are concerned about adopting healthy habits don’t always know where to start or how to go about making those much needed changes. Some aren’t even sure if they’re on the right track with the actions they do take.

But you need not worry anymore, we have five things that seniors can start doing right this very minute to help them get on the right track towards healthy aging.

When we get older, our bodies and our lifestyles go through changes, leading to an increased in possible risk factors for any number of potential health issues. Seniors need to be careful about avoiding these risks as something seemingly insignificant now could develop into a serious health matter not far down the line.

What’s more, even as you make some changes in your habits to reduce the potential for disease and illness, you may find yourself in a better mood, feel like you have more energy, and ready to tackle the day in ways you never thought possible before.

Age is just number, don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s too late to go in the right direction with your health and well-being. Taking these smart steps towards an improved life now can ensure you’re feeling your best a lot sooner.

If you’re ready to make the transition, here are five healthy aging tips that you can follow to improve senior health.

1. Exercise

This one is no surprise as being active is always a great idea no matter what age you are. Being active can help reduce the risk of many different types of disease and illnesses as it stimulates your respiratory system. This is a good way to get heart healthy, increase your muscle mass, get the blood circulating freely and lowering your blood pressure.

You don’t need to be lifting weights or doing crunches either, simply going for a walk down the street will do wonders for your body and mind. Routine movement also keeps your joints active and helps to maintain proper balance which can be useful in reducing the risk of injury as a result of a fall.

2. Watch Your Weight

Packing on the pounds can be unhealthy at any age, but for seniors it is particularly critical to keep the weight off. In an effort to prevent excessive weight gain, start monitoring your caloric intake and avoid foods that are high in sugars, fats, and other unhealthy ingredients.

Reducing weight gain can have an immediate effect on your health by lowering your potential for damaging diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, even cancer and a weak immune system.

So avoid those unhealthy snacks and sodas and turn, instead, to eating fruits and vegetables. They will do your body a lot of good.

3. Preventive Measures

Living healthy means, well, staying healthy. That means routine check-ups with your doctor and taking any other precautionary steps to ensure you stave off a cold, the flu, or something worse.

The best options out there include getting an annual flu shot before flu season hits, having your blood pressure checked regularly, going in for cancer screenings, and any other preventive efforts that your doctor might suggest.

Good exercise and eating right are only part of the equation, if you don’t see your doctor every so often you could be missing early diagnoses for emerging health issues that might come up on the horizon.

4. Trip and Falls

Even a minor stumble or loss of balance can be significantly dangerous and possibly lead to death. Sustaining an injury from tripping and falling to the floor can impact a senior in many ways, some leading to broken bones or serious illness. We’ve mentioned how exercise can help you keep your balance but there are other threats to consider.

Seniors who are living alone might have a variety of potential dangers in the home, from loose rugs and errant cords to poorly lit hallways and stairwells. Doing a full assessment for these threats is critical for successful senior health.

5. A Drink a Day

Alcoholic beverages, in moderation, can be good for seniors. In fact, one a day can be an effective way of keeping your health in great shape. This is particularly beneficial for women in their 50’s and 60’s, according to some reports, a glass of a wine can ward off chronic illnesses and maintain physical and mental well-being. But don’t overdo it, then you’re no longer enjoying the benefits and could be putting yourself at risk instead.


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