4 Reasons Why Lab Coats make it more official than scrubs

Research reveals that wearing a lab coat can make you better at your job. Probably this is because people tend to associate a medical practitioner’s clothing with attentiveness and the possibility of performing tasks correctly. On the other hand, some people believe that doctors and other medical practitioners look more professional while in lab coats. Here are the reasons lab coats make you look more official than scrubs.

1. Lab coats project confidence and proficiency

A white lab coat makes a medical practitioner look more confident. It projects aptitude and professionalism while offering you an easy, great outfit in the morning. 3-piece suits and face tattoos are usually interpreted in different ways. However, one thing that seems to be universal is respect for the white lab coat. It’s seen as an authoritative figure, and patients see it as empowering to themselves.

A study by the Kellogg School of Medicine revealed that students performed better on tests that measured attention span and accuracy when they were on lab coats. The lab coat symbolizes medical doctors and science and apparently, it elevated the learners’ efforts to live up to it.

This implies that the lab coats communicate how the medical practitioners want to appear and also change the way these professionals think about themselves. A confident medical practitioner is always more attentive and is likely to execute his or duties perfectly.

2. It’s the closest thing to putting on your credentials

Well, you worked so hard to earn your credentials and the right to wear a lab coat proudly. A custom embroidered lab coat lets you display your title, name, and credentials to communicate with your colleagues and patients who you are easily, and most importantly, how you can help them. This is because a lab coat is universally accepted as a symbol of medicine.

A recent study revealed that a medical practitioner’s attire influences the patient’s initial perception of the physician. These patients will see you as a professional as they associate the lab coat with a wealth of medical knowledge. They will believe in you.

3.  Keeps you comfortable

A breathable lab coat can keep you comfortable during a busy day or even the busiest and longest night shift. Therefore, focus on finding a lab coat that makes you look professional and at the same time repels stains, fluids, and makes you feel comfortable. Opt for a lab coat with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties for better comfort and dryness.

4. Better customer experience

Appearance matters in how people make judgments about professionals serving them. What patients think of you because of your appearance and what they feel about the service they are getting is part of the customer experience. Thus, attending to your patients while in a great lab coat creates a good impression on the patients. They see you as an expert.

Lab coats are an iconic symbol of the medical profession. This icon represents status, knowledge, and sense of comfort to medical practitioners.



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