3 Healthy Ways to Cope With Depression

What do you do when you struggle to get out of bed? What if you struggle with invasive suicidal thoughts? What approaches can you take that are healthy methods for handling your depression? For starters, you’ll have to put down the ice cream scoop. Next, you’ll need to acknowledge that you need help. After that, check out these three important and healthy ways to cope with depression.

1. Medication

Perhaps you’ve seen that image depicting a peaceful forest and a bottle of pills? The forest is labeled as an anti-depressant, and the pills are labeled as excrement. Or maybe you’ve seen it’s counter-image, where the forest is just a forest, and the pills are correctly called medicine. The first image is dangerous in its downplaying of the importance of medication in controlling serious depression. Of course, the next items in this list are helpful, but if you cannot even roll yourself out of bed, what good will these do you? According to many medical professionals, like Jack J Wu, medication is often the only way to relieve the more extreme struggles people face with depression.

2. Exercise

Ultimately, your brain is what controls your mood, and does so using what are called neurotransmitters. Endorphins are one of the neurotransmitters that tell your brain that you should feel happy. Exercise is a powerful method that can increase your body’s production of endorphins, thus helping you feel happier and less depressed. Improving your mood isn’t the only benefit to exercise. You’ll probably enjoy the side benefits of weight loss, increased energy, and more.

3. Socializing

Not everyone has time to see a psychotherapist twice a week, or even once a month. However, simply getting out of the house and being with other people can prove to be an immense help in managing your depression. While your friends are not your therapists, they are still your friends. Even introverts get lonely, and depression encourages an unhealthy desire for isolation. If you seek out people that make you happy or reconnect with old friends, you might find yourself stronger in the fight against depression after meeting up with them.

Exercise and socialization are wonderful, but for more severe issues, medication can be absolutely necessary. A balanced approach to our problems is often the best. Combining these three will frequently prove to be your best option. Remember that needing help or medication is not weakness.

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