The Truth About Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana involves the consumption of weed for personal enjoyment rather than for health purposes. It is a big contrast with medicinal marijuana use, which involves the prescribed use of marijuana to treat the symptoms of some medical conditions. The use of marijuana for recreational purposes is most common among weed consumers.

While medical marijuana use offers less flexibility in its usage, recreational marijuana is highly dependent on the user’s consumption schedule. Most areas with marijuana legalization can now enjoy purchasing it in marijuana dispensaries conveniently. This informs why the use of marijuana for leisure purposes is rapidly gaining traction among users.

What Is Associated with Recreational Marijuana Use

Recreational marijuana use is known for its distinct differences when compared to medical marijuana use. This ranges from the effects after prolonged use to the quantities needed for consumption. Here are some of the characteristics of recreational marijuana use.

Less Frequent Use characterizes Recreational Marijuana.

For most recreational weed consumers, using the drug only happens on a given occasion. There’s no commitment or a well-laid schedule that offers a more frequent consumption pattern. Just as the term recreation, this kind of pot consumption is only a way of having a good time. Therefore, one can still forego its consumption if the need arises.

Its Usage is Limited to Social Settings

With recreational marijuana the drug is purely for entertainment purposes. However, what is important is that consumption happens in social settings without hiding anything. This is because the puff  is not for any hidden purpose.

As opposed to other kinds of consumption, recreational marijuana is not meant to make you high, help you gain some appetite, or make you relax for the better part of the day.

Used in Small Amounts

This is one of the standout characteristics of recreational marijuana. The reason behind its consumption is never about getting high.  You can only acquire it from a marijuana dispensary in small amounts and subsequently consume it in the same amounts.

Low amount consumption means the user avoids getting too much immersed in the consumption habits. Therefore, with recreational marijuana, there are always cases of mild effects on the user.

There’s no Pressure to Use.

With recreational marijuana, you are never coerced into using it. The ultimate decision of consumption relies on your need for enjoyment. You decide to use it when its available as there’s is no particular compulsion such as peer pressure and addiction to make you use it.

It’s Not Worth Budgeting For

Unlike medical marijuana use, there is no budgetary consideration for recreational marijuana. You cannot forego other essential purchases in its favor. In any case, recreational marijuana use is only worth it if there’s surplus income to cater for it.

However, it is also important to know that even recreational marijuana use has its side effects. Its continued use can unexpectedly turn into an addiction.

Final Thought

Even though recreational marijuana may not develop into substance abuse, you need to be aware that recreational marijuana use can also become impulsive with many challenges.


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