Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana From Online Pharmacy?

Marijuana is one of the controversial drugs which are not permitted in most of the countries, across the globe. However, there are countries where its consumption is legalised for medical use, which is sold with the name ‘medical marijuana’. In Canada, marijuana has become legal for use after getting a valid prescription from a doctor.

For medical and recreational purpose, this drug is being used as a boon and more and more people are adding this drug in their routine.

Marijuana drugs are now easily available at medical stores, but in case of online pharmacies, there is a big question, whether this drug easily available on them or not?

The Canadian Pharmacy has a legalisation process which needs to be received to sell prescription based drugs. This brings another big question i.e. is it legal to purchase marijuana from online pharmacies?

The shortest answer to this query is YES. There are online pharmacies which are given license from the FDA. Such online medial store can sell the medicines/drugs based on your prescription and dosage mentioned.

The major step to provide legal authority is made with the reason to keep track of marijuana purchase in the country. Two licenses are offered i.e. producer and seller which an online pharmacy can get to sell the medical marijuana online.

Here the important point to note is, you can buy CBD Oil or medical marijuana only when you are living in Canada. If you try to order it outside Canada, you will not be permitted to checkout.

Now, below are some important points about Marijuana Legalisation in Canada:

Who is eligible to buy marijuana in Canada: Adults, as well as teenagers above 18 years, can easily purchase marijuana for medical purpose. However, they need to prove the prescription ahead of purchasing. Further, this drug is only available for recreational purpose.

What are the available places to buy Marijuana: The marijuana is still a controversial medicine; hence it is not permitted at every medical store. Its selling is restricted to legal and authorised medical stores only.

Can you travel outside Canada with marijuana: As of now there is a strict NO to carry marijuana with you whether you are travelling in/out of Canada? Make sure you go through the destination country rules about marijuana use as it might be banned at your destination.

Why it was legalised: The research has found multiple health benefits of using medical marijuana. However, it is required in a limited dosage only; else it may cause some side effect. So, to curb various health issues in the medal field, the Canadian government take a step ahead and legalised the consumption of marijuana to cure against various diseases.

There are many countries where marijuana has been legalised, so you should know about those countries and their consumption restrictions. This is all about marijuana legalisation and its purchase option via online pharmacies. What more do you want to know about marijuana consumption in Canada? Feel free to shoot your queries in the comment box below.

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