How Can You Select The Right E-Liquid For Your E-Cigarette?

You have the ideal electronic cigarette for your requirements, but the e-liquid bottle that first came is now gone. Now what? If your battery of the electronic cigarettes is the heart, and the atomizer is your brain, then e-liquid is the soul. Once you are done with it, you are left with a useless piece of tech. With all the choices and alternatives when it comes to e-liquids from ecigoz, how do you acquaint which one to select?

Flavor First:

The primary thing to contemplate when purchasing e-liquid is its flavor. Albeit all the other things, nicotine strength, vapor production, or VG or PG, are ideal, if you do not like its flavor, the e-liquid won’t be utilized. Luckily, e-liquids have almost any flavor you can imagine: food, fruity, cocktails, and certainly, tobacco blends. New users frequently select tobacco blends that very much match their favorite cigarette brands’ flavor. A lot of e-liquid producers acquaint this, so they make different tobacco blends that take off the taste of well-liked brands. Finally, users get more daring and begin trying out different food or fruit blends.

A few prefer food flavors like cake, wafer, or pizza, while others want fruity ones such as watermelon, grape, or mango. There’re also mixed ones, where different food, fruit, and tobacco flavors are combined for making exotic and new flavors. With all the addition and virtually never-ending blends that are doable, it is just natural that cocktail flavors emerge. Brandy, beer, and wine are only a sampling of flavors that are alcohol-inspired. When selecting e-liquid flavors, begin with the ones that you are pretty certain you will like. Once you have a fine stock of these, you can begin experimenting with other things.

It Is A Nicotine Thing:

Once you have selected the flavor, the subsequent step is to decide the favored nicotine strength. Nic levels have different strengths:

  • Low: Six mg and below: For the light smokers who use half a pack or less each day.
  • Medium: Nine mg to Sixteen mg: For the average ones who use half a pack to one pack every day.
  • High: Eighteen mg to Thirty-six mg: For the heavy chain smokers.

Getting the correct nicotine strength is significant because too little will make the vape more to compensate, while surplus might give headaches. A great rule is, to begin with, the medium strength, then correct the strength accordingly.

VG And PG: What’s That?

The main base solution in the e-liquid is either VG (Vegetable Glycerol), PG (Propylene Glycol), or a mixture of both. PG offers more flavor but creates weak vapor. VG is thicker and has a little sweet taste, thus muting the taste somewhat, but creates massive vapor clouds. Because of the dissimilarities in the vaping quality of both, makers produce e-liquid that has an all-VG base, an all-PG base, or a combination of the two in changeable ratios.

A common PG to VG ratio is forty to sixty, and a lot of users are happy with the flavor and the amount of vapor it creates. However, some individuals are allergic to PG. If you locate yourself getting hives, itching, or having a difficult time breathing after vaping on PG/VG mix or some pure PG, you may have to get pure VG blends or, at least, e-liquid with a combined ratio of eighty percent VG and twenty percent PG.

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