How to ensure your new-found fitness plan stays for the long-term

We’ve probably all been there; the point in the year in which we decide enough is enough and say that now is the time we are going to take our fitness seriously. Unfortunately, more often than not at least, a lot of these fitness plans evaporate after a few months.

As you may have gathered, today’s article is all about stopping this from happening. We are now going to mull over some of the best ways you can make your fitness plan long-term, and not just a flash in the pan.

Take advantage of supplements

If you’ve never really participated in any form of fitness, you might have a few clouded thoughts about supplements. It’s easy to confuse them with steroids and other illegal aids, but in truth the two couldn’t be more different.

Booster supplements are absolutely paramount to your progress. Without them, you will soon find that your progress is slow to say the least. With them, you’ll find that things are much quicker, even if you just rely on the likes of whey protein and creatine monohydrate which are widely regarded as two of the staples.

Always have a go-to gym bag

One of the main reasons people give up their fitness journey is because their routine starts to disappear. To combat this, always make sure your gym bag is packed. If you head to the gym before work, do it the night before. If it’s later in the day, do it during the early portion of the day.

By doing this, you don’t have to occupy yourself with the hassle of packing. This can put off some people from going, as well as eating valuable minutes which might mean that you can’t go anyway.

Make sure you are ready to regularly change up your program

Another reason why people suddenly hit the quit button is because of boredom. This boredom can come in two parts; it can be related to your mind and your body. In relation to the former, this involves simply getting bored of repeating the same exercises. In terms of your body, it will start to get used to exercises and the benefits will start to wear off. As we all know, when we start to plateau, motivation levels tend to fall as well.

As such, put plans in place to change your program every six weeks or so. This might be through outside help, or by just researching several fitness plans at a time so you can quickly change them up.

The buddy factor

Finally, if you can enlist a buddy to work out with you will be amazed at the effect it has on your progress. You will be less likely to throw in the towel, and you’ll just enjoy your sessions a lot more as well. Suddenly, you have someone to be accountable to, and in a bid to guarantee your long-term perseverance this can be absolutely invaluable.

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