3 Reasons to Take Daily Vitamins  

Have you ever considered taking daily vitamins as a supplement to your diet? Maybe you started at one point but found you often forgot to take them. Consider these eye-opening reasons to jump-start a habit of taking vitamins every day.


Fill Your Nutrient Gap 

While a healthy diet will provide you with the most beneficial amount of nutrients, supplements can help fill the gap that your food might lack. Studies show that most American diets don’t meet even the average requirements for most of the important nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin E and calcium. Processed and sugar-packed foods are more popular and often more accessible to most people. Try dropping any fast-food habits that you might have in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pick up supplements for specific nutrients or a multivitamin for a more complete addition to your diet. Make sure that the vitamin manufacturer behind the product that you choose is in the business of quality nutritional products that you can rely on. Depending on your age and lifestyle choices, you might need some types of vitamins and minerals more than others. Childbearing women often need folic acid, while vegetarians are at risk for a deficit of vitamin B12. Be sure to research brands to compare ingredients and prices to find what best fits your needs.


Prevent Chronic Disease

Coronary heart disease is the result of narrowing arteries that limit adequate blood supply to the heart. It is just one chronic disease that has been linked to unacceptable levels of vitamin intake. Coronary diseases often stem from high cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in fats, and though it is a necessary substance, excessive amounts from a diet high in saturated and trans fats are part of what causes this life-changing disease. To limit saturated fats, avoid red meats and whole dairy products. Trans fats usually come from oils in highly processed foods. You should limit fats in favor of fresh foods in a vitamin-supplemented diet. Osteoporosis, or the weakening of bones, is another preventable disease that plagues many. Osteoporosis worldwide causes almost 9 million fractures each year. Adding sufficient calcium and vitamin D in your diet could strengthen your bones in the long run. While some diseases are genetic, a good diet and exercise routine can help shift their intensity, and often can eliminate them from your life.


Limit Fatigue and Stress 

Do you feel excessively tired every day? If each day is draining you and leaving you feeling stressed, then you might want to examine your diet. Vitamin deficiency often leads to a general feeling of fatigue. Your body wants those nutrients that your diet lacks. In searching for them, you are left with little energy to get through your day. You feel hungry from the lack of nourishment and fill up on fast and cheap food. Because your body is still missing what it originally wanted, you will likely feel hungry again soon. This is especially true if you miss your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. The buildup of low energy creates a cycle that can be hard to break. Lack of productivity can add to the stress that you might already experiences. Certain minerals can be help decrease your tension. Magnesium, in particular, benefits mental and physical stress in most people. It is also linked to better overall concentration, elimination of sleep disorders and lower levels of depression.

Take expert advice and make vitamins a daily habit. You’ll feel better, and the supplements will help you fight off long-term diseases that deteriorate your health slowly. They will also boost your energy levels and keep your stress at a healthier level every day.

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