3 Health Benefits of Home-Growing Fruit and Vegetables

When adopting a healthy lifestyle, having access to good-quality, fresh fruit and vegetables is a huge motivator to staying on track. Just like food which is bad for us is readily available and easy to grab and go, making this the case for your fruits and veggies is so important.

Not many of us have a local store nearby our homes, and even if we do, how can we be sure that they are in fact good for us? With many concerns and worries surrounding fruit and vegetable growing and harvesting processes, why not take your food into your own hands and delve into the world of growing your own instead?

It’s Good for your Mental Health

Taking to the garden to grow your own stock of your favourite fresh produce doesn’t just help you physically – it can actually help your mental health too. That’s something that shopping for a salad doesn’t do!

The whole process of preparing the garden, planting your produce and harvesting them is actually a great stress reliever. It gives you an outlet in your life to focus on something totally natural which is a great distraction and is actually incredibly therapeutic.

What’s more, gardening also burns calories and makes us release endorphins which make us happier – definitely an important plus point in our books!

Your Produce will be Pesticide Free

One of the many issues that many people worry about it how much of their fresh produce is covered has been coated with pesticides. While most people wash their fruit and veg before consuming them, there is still the worry that the items carry traces of pesticides.

By growing your own, you’ll be able to control every part of the growth process and ensure that there are no chemicals involved in the process if this is something that you’re wanting to avoid. You are able to see the quality of your produce on a regular basis, allowing you to take steps to help them thrive only if necessary through the help of your range of gardening supplies.

Chemical-free and a result of your hard work – a double win!

Readily Available For Consumption

Even the freshest produce has probably taken a fair journey to land on the shelves of our supermarket. While they may be fresh and crunchy or juicy, do you ever wonder what they would taste like if they were even fresher?

When growing your own produce, there’s no long flights from country to country which can affect the quality of the product you are eating.  You’ll be getting the full, fresh nutrients straight from picking the item from your garden or allotment – no risk of damage or loss of quality!

Next time you’re planning your food shop for the week – just think how much better your food could be tasting from something that you’ve grown yourself!


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