Top 5 Ways to Help a New Fitness Client Get Started

You love having a new client for your fitness centre. Like all of your other clients, you want to help the new person make the most of what your centre has to offer. Even as you make sure all of the client’s information is properly entered into the salon management software system, there’s the need to ensure the client starts with the right type of workout. Here are some tips that will help.

Start With an Evaluation

While the client has some ideas of where he or she wants to be in a few months, your first step is focused on how things stand today. That means evaluating the client’s current state of health. Are there health issues that would impact the types of exercise that are appropriate for the client? Should some exercises not be included until after the client’s endurance and general well being has improved? By understanding where the client is right now in terms of health and fitness, it will be easier to know what type of initial workout will produce the best results.

Employ the KISS Approach

Just as in public speaking, it makes sense to apply what is known as the KISS approach to creating a plan for working out. This is especially true if your new client has not followed any real fitness plan for the last several years.

KISS is simply an acronym for “keep it simple stupid.” In other words, you are not going to begin with a complex workout at this time. Instead, the focus will be on basic exercise elements the client is somewhat familiar with and likely to grasp quickly. There will be time later on to add more elements to the workout once the client gains more confidence and begins to feel more energetic.

Include Elements That Cause Enthusiasm in the Client

Are there certain exercises your client finds particularly enjoyable? Perhaps jumping rope is something fun to do. Maybe your client likes the idea of including swimming or exercises like chin-ups in the plan. Always include at least a few elements in the program that he or she looks forward to from the very start.

A varied mix of workout elements can work even for a newcomer. Use the crossfit software to come up with a plan that includes several different elements from sporting activities and pair them with basic exercises. Your client will have fun and get a decent workout at the same time.

Be Willing to Tweak the Workout

The first plan for the workout is only the beginning. As the client’s strength, muscle tone, and endurance improve, it will be time to tweak things a bit. That may involve increasing the number or repetitions, adding a few laps, or otherwise doing something to make the workout more challenging. Make changes one at a time and it will be easier for the client to adjust.

Hold a Recap After the First Month

At the end of the month, sit down and go over the results with the client. Note where there’s been great success and brainstorm on how to improve areas that seem to be lagging a bit. The recap should leave both of you feeling hopeful about the month to come.

Getting into the habit of working out is often one of the hardest tasks for someone who just started going to a gym or fitness center again. With your help, that first critical month will be a fruitful one, and provide the foundation for continuing the workouts in the years to come.

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