Things You Need To Get Fit

When you’ve finished enjoying the fun and the tastes that are a big part of the holiday season you may very well find that the really stylish suit from Bloomingdale’s that you wore to those events and parties has somehow suddenly become snug around the waist.  And that is when you might find yourself wondering whether you should be contacting the store to see if you can exchange it for a better fitting one, or take it to have some alterations made.


Of course, neither choice is one that may be attractive, but you don’t want to stow that high-quality outfit in the closet with the mothballs or stuff it away in the cedar chest.  So you might want to take advantage of the fact that Bloomingdale’s offers quite a few items as well has high-quality dress wear.  For one thing, you can also find some great casual wear and active wear that you can obtain for a great price when you use your Groupon promo code for 25% off the purchase price.  And once you get yourself some new active wear and shoes you can begin a regular regimen of exercise and workouts for 20-30 minutes each day.  That, plus limiting the consumption of post-holiday “leftovers” (Don’t try to pretend…we have that jar or box of holiday candy and some cookies and other baked items left around somewhere!) can help soon make it easier to get that suit or dress on without the need for a new notch in the belt or a better girdle.


And the new active wear from Bloomingdale’s can be accompanied by some exercise equipment if you decide you want to have a few things available right at home.  Or you can use a Groupon to join a gym or workout club.  The main thing is to see that you start doing some things that will help you successfully eliminate any additional pounds you may have put on over the holiday.  Because the extra calories that keep you warm during the winter will make it difficult to wear those nice outfits you wore during the holiday.  And worse yet, they won’t be what you want seen when it comes time to don shorts and bathing suits when summer arrives.  So get your program underway now; the sooner you start the earlier the results.

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