Safe cosmetic surgery abroad in Tunisia

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery can be like a heavenly bliss if it is done in a corrective way and it produces good result.  Credit goes to medical tourism that plastic surgery nowadays can be done with best surgeons but at affordable cost in some countries.  Tunisia is one of these countries where quality Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad is done with best care and prevention for producing healthy results.

What is special of plastic surgery?

Contrary to popular belief, plastic cosmetic surgery is not magic or supernatural spell that a plastic cosmetic surgeon casts to cure patient. It is completely a scientific corrective surgery that helps a patient to rectify his/her physical discrepancies and allow him/her to lead a healthy life with better corrective profile. There are many expert Plastic Surgeons in Tunisia but out of all Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda deserves special mention for her expertise, accreditation, and her excellent zeal to help patients in coming out of the negative feeling physical deformity, etc. She has taken cosmetic surgery in Tunisia to a new level of achievement and expertise.

Why this type of surgery is done?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is used for different utility reasons. For example, excessive fat accumulated on waist line and lower abdomen area may cause type-2 diabetes. The surgery for mending Tummy tuck in Tunisia is often availed for keeping control on waistline fats and diabetes control for better life style modification. This surgery is done also to fix loose unsightly belly, for figure correction as well as for obesity management, etc.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda: the leading cosmetic surgeon abroad in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is done for breast correction, for face reconstruction, as well as for body rectification. Under developed breast may look unsightly but over developed bust may cause lots of discomfort and look awkward. Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda, the leading cosmetic surgeon abroad in Tunisia, has taken this corrective breast plastic surgery to a new level of perfection.  Her clinic offers breast augmentation, breast reduction, inverted nipple correction, breast lift, etc. with perfection and mostly positive result, etc.

The service profile of the clinic

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad Tunisia list includes fat transfer, face lift, and body corrective surgeries. The expert plastic cosmetic surgery also offers non surgical processes, which offers almost similar to surgical process result. These plastic surgery cases in Tunisia include, Botox, dark circle treatment, chemical peels, etc. Although these are not included in usual cosmetic surgery process, these treatment methods procure almost same effect if done under expert doctor’s supervisor like Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda. The clinic also offers reconstructive surgery and intimate surgery for best help of the clients’.

Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda: a concise profile

Being a lady Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda has complete control on women plastic surgeries in Tunisia. Therefore besides expertise, she takes complete control on the social and emotional stability of her patients. Understanding sensitive issues like breast reduction, breast lift, and breast implant etc. special insight that works as an added benefit for female patients.

Accreditation wise, Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is specially trained in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: she has got her training in France, UK and in some of the finest hospitals and institutes in these two countries before she started here plastic cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunisia.  Offering safe, productive, and affordable priced cosmetic surgery is her specialty, which has made her one of th leading cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia.

What is special about her?

One of the most important aspects of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad Tunisia is its affordable price and complete care. The clinic offers complete assistance in pre and post care of the patient so that they remain completely worry free and relaxed.  This is one of the reasons, patients from all corners of globes comes to see her at her clinic. There is no middle man and there is no commercial obligation of the patients to get thee treatment don by her although most of the patients prefer to get the treatment done by her only. As one of the trusted cosmetic surgeons she maintains all ethics and confidentiality of her patients.

Why to select Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda clinic?

  • Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda is board certified plastic cosmetics surgeon.
  • She is experienced and completely patient friendly.
  • She knows her job best: she is trained in Cosmetic breast surgery, Body contouring surgery, Cosmetic face surgery, Non surgical procedures, and Intimate surgery.
  • She offers transparent deals and all her prices are completely affordable.

Gone were the days when plastic cosmetic surgery was pretty expensive, to some extent risky, and complicated process. With the contribution of Dr Chiraz Bouzguenda, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad Tunisia has reached at an advanced level, which is a sure bliss for patients looking for safe and affordable Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Abroad.

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