North Carolina Medigap plans are a popular add-on to existing Medicare coverage

Many Medicare beneficiaries are opting to enroll since it’ll cover the Medicare gap. This insurance comes in a number of different standardized plan types, each fitted to the needs of people in different situations.

North Carolina Medigap Plans

Whether hospital expenses, doctor-related products and services, or (for some older plans) prescription drug coverage, your plan will cover most (if not all) of your out of pocket expenses. The 20% of doctor’s bills Medicare leaves uncovered is taken care. For hospital stays beyond 60 days, Medicare leaves you with pricey coinsurance to pay, and if you are in the hospital for over 90 days, the price tag becomes unbearable. Many citizens with Medigap have all or part of those expenses covered.

In addition, there are few areas that plans offer to cover beyond Medicare’s domain. These can include overseas emergency medical expenses (perfect for travelers) and in-home professional nursing care. With the uncertainties of relying on foreign medical systems without insurance to cover them, frequent travelers often opt for supplemental overseas emergency coverage. As to nursing, with the rising cost of hospital stays & in-home nursing care, it’s wise to get covered.

Carriers for Medigap Plans in North Carolina

There are dozens of carriers for Medicare Supplement Plans in NC to choose from that offer supplemental insurance to Medicare in the state. All NC Medigap insurance companies must include the standardized benefits such as letting you choose what doctor to see as long as they accept Medicare patients and pay for some of the out of pocket costs that Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. You can see all our trusted carriers we work with here.

NC Medigap Policies for Disabled Under 65

Not all states offer supplemental health insurance plans for Medicare to those beneficiaries under 65 years old. For residents of North Carolina, you have two plan options to choose from if you’re under 65. North Carolina Medigap Plan F for Under 65 is the most common. \

Interesting State Facts to Know

  • The state of North Carolina spent almost 18 million dollars in 2014 on Medicare, the spending in the state per enroll averaged around $10,000
  • Between 1991-2014, the average annual growth percentage for Medicare spending by the state increased 8.7%. The amount spent per enrollee averaged 5.7%

Inadequate Medicare Coverage

Medicare patients have paid into the government system for at least 10 years, and yet when it comes time to retire and rely on insurance and savings to handle healthcare costs, the government coverage is normally found inadequate.

Perhaps it’s due to the rising costs of treatment and medicine without a corresponding rise in worker salaries that we have witnessed over the last few decades, or perhaps it’s caused by the economy, the Medicare program never was intended to provide full coverage, but whatever the reason, one thing is clear, North Carolina Medigap insurance plans fill in the “gap” left by Medicare.

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