3 Tips for Starting and Marketing Your Own CBD Company  

More and more Americans are choosing to work for themselves and start their own businesses. When it comes to forming a small business, the sky’s the limit, but some businesses tend to be simpler to begin than others. For example, selling products online via a website or other online marketplace can be a much simpler company to start than something requiring more capital like a restaurant or a brick-and-mortar phone repair business. One of the hottest products to sell in 2019 is CBD supplements, which are in even higher demand after a recent New York Times Magazine article discusses their benefits. If you’re interested in starting and marketing your own CBD company, here are three tips to do it right.

Find a supplier

A good supplier is worth their weight in gold when it comes to running an online retail business. Knowing that you are going to get your products on time and in the proper quantities is imperative, since your distributor ultimately affects the level of customer service you are able to provide your consumers. A distributor with reliable shipping is of the utmost importance, since you should be implementing your own quality control checklist prior to shipping your customers’ orders to them. If you don’t have a distributor with the ability to dropship CBD as part of their fulfillment channels, it’s worth looking into a new supplier who will be able to have your back. CBD suppliers even go the extra mile by providing on-demand activity logs of all orders, integrated support, and electronic data interchange with big-name retailers such as Amazon.

Source good products

Once you’ve found a supplier, it’s important that you find the right products to sell. Like any other product, customers expect quality and value when purchasing CBD oils, and it’s up to you as the sole proprietor of your new business to fulfill these expectations. If you already have different brands that you prefer, because you’re well-versed in the world of CBD, that’s a great place to start. However, if you’re looking for new recommendations or products that help you branch out, it’s easy to find products with a reivew by The CBD Insider.

CBD review platforms are an excellent source to reference when considering the purchase of any new product, whether you’re hoping to start stocking vape pens, tinctures, or patches.

Market yourself to potential customers

Once you’ve found a trustworthy supply chain, it’s time to start setting up your online marketplace. Nowadays, purchasing a web domain and creating a website is a simple task, and there are a multitude of platforms offering a drag-and-drop user interface that simplifies the whole web design process. After you’ve created an attractive website that integrates with your ecommerce platform and advertises your CBD wares, it’s time to start marketing your website to customers. One of the best ways to do this is to harness the power of display advertising and social media. Both digital channels offer a major advantage when it comes to your ROI, with social media channels such as Facebook offering a great ratio of cost to conversions. These platforms also offer powerful tools that let you target specific demographics based on their interests, income levels, and browsing activity. As a result, it’s never been easier to market your products to others and to begin making sales.


Starting any company is a risky endeavor, but with the right information — and the right products — it’s possible to make a company that is both sustainable and profitable. Part of that comes down to choosing the right product, and CBD is a fast growing product with a lot of demand. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to lay a strong foundation for your business and set you up for a successful business venture.

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