4 Tips To Get In Shape This Summer

It is important to get in shape for the summer season, so prepare your fitness plan accordingly! However, it is even more important to ensure that the preparations you undertake prior to beach season have no negative impact on your health. Ensure that along your fitness journey you have access to healthy nutritional information and that you avoid reckless, intense workouts that might result in injury. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Beware Of Quick-Fix Diets

You should be aware of the fact that diets that promise quick changes tend to encourage you to starve yourself and deprive yourself of essential nutrients. Despite what many fad diets might lead you to believe, there are such things as good fats and carbohydrates. Basic electrolytes like salt and sugar are often shunned by quick-fix diets, but there are healthy ways to get these, too. Don’t be fooled by wild promises and a fancy webpage!

A Little Help From Your Friends

Personal training is easy to recommend as we approach the summer. One of the benefits of personal training is accountability. It’s easy to skip that workout when no one is keeping an eye on you; this becomes much more difficult under the tutelage of a qualified trainer. And, once you start seeing results, you’ll start to motivate yourself. Another benefit of personal training is that it teaches you proper techniques and forms of exercises, and how to train on your own in the right manner. If the cost of a personal trainer turns you off, consider a new fitness program this summer – being surrounded by people also trying to improve their health can be just as inspiring.

Eyes On The Prize

Always avoid comparing yourself with others when working out at the gym. A little friendly competition amongst friends is one thing; however, comparing yourself with others – especially the “gym rats” that look like they live in the weight room – can be demoralizing. Remember that bodies of human beings vary drastically from one another in terms of body fat, rate of metabolic activity, and sizes. It’s better to focus on your own personal progress. Keep in mind the maxim: Never compare yourself to others; only compare yourself to who you used to be.

Tell That Little Voice To Keep It Quiet

Minimizing self-criticism is also helpful in shaping up for the summer. This means learning to be okay with your own body. Focusing on things like the size of your tummy and muscles (or lack thereof) will only hold you back. We all have a tendency to look at ourselves in the mirror and point out areas that need work. Do what you can to silence the nagging voice. Mix up activities. Doing the same exercises day-in, day-out will result in your body adapting to those exercises, hence burning fewer calories. By mixing up activities, you work out different areas of your body and even out your progress.

Focus on making small but consistent changes. Focusing on making quick and abrupt changes can result in you becoming disappointed and quitting. Keep at it. Avoid huckster diets and stay focused. Before you know it you’ll have a body to die for!

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