An Brief Overview of Candida Overgrowth 

Candida overgrowth is a common yet painful medical condition. Patients suffering from this ailment often experience constipation, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, rashes, fungal infections, and mood swings without even knowing the underlying cause of these symptoms.

What is Candida?

It’s a fungus or a type of yeast. While yeast has hundreds of different types, Candida Albicans is the most common of yeast infection. Candida lives in small amounts in different parts of the body, such as the digestive tract, vaginal tract, oral cavity, and gut microbiome.

When in balance with good bacteria in the microbiome, it helps with digestion and nutrients absorption. The problem starts when candida overgrows in relation to the good bacteria in your body. It overcomes the bacteria, leading to leaky gut and several digestive issues as well as other symptoms.

How Candida Overgrowth Effects the Body?

Having candida overgrowth in your body also disrupts the delicate balance of microorganisms which results in yeast colonies in your digestive system. Moreover, this medical condition disturbs the normal gut’s activity and impacts brain function. In such a case, your gut not only becomes leaky but also leads to chronic inflammation and even an autoimmune disease.

Generally, candida is equated with a systemic overgrowth like nail fungus or vaginal yeast infection in women though this condition can have subtler signs. Candidemia is a fatal form of candida overgrowth which occurs when it invades the blood. However, about 90 percent of patients have non-fatal candida overgrowth but they do feel sick and lethargic.

While Candida overgrowth or different types of yeast infections have different symptoms, the majority of treatment is the same. It means this condition is treatable using an effective candida cleanser, targeted supplements, and simple dietary changes. These techniques help restore a healthy micro-biome balance of your gut and cleanse the overgrowth in your body.

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