How to get the most appropriate frame for your face?

Finding the right frame according to your face or finding the most perfect glasses is the key to a flattering bespectacled look. You have to be very conscious while picking the frame for your face as every frame is not made according to the shape of the face. The first thing to consider, while you are purchasing the frame for your eyes is the shape of your face.

There are different types of faces according to the shape made through the brow line, cheekbone and chin. Typically, people have oval, round, square, diamond, hearth shaped etc. faces that make them different from other. Now some frames suit a specific shape while they are absolutely not meant for the other.

Things to remember while you are on your frame spree

Here in this guide, we are going to get you through the various shapes of the face and the type of the glasses that you will have to choose according to it. But first, we need to tell you that any eye doctor Augusta Maine would prescribe you the details of the glasses you need and you could go straight to the Rodrigue and associates eye care center and learn what you need to know about it.

  • Determine the shape of your face while you are standing in front of the mirror. If it seems hard for you to decide yourself about the shape of your face, you can take help from the people at eye care center as they have an eye doctor who can help you know what the shape of your face is and what kind of frames would suit it.
  • Secondly, you have to look for the skin tone of your face. The color of the frame has to go according to your face the best practice is to put the frames on your face and check the effect under natural light. On the other hand, you could follow the tip that the color of the frame must not blend with your skin as it would become hard to distinguish both and a good prominent color would look better.
  • The shape of the frame also has to be determined with care as you would not want to have a frame that looks either too big for your face or too small. The perfect tip to follow is the fact that the frame has to be chosen according to the widest part of your face. The width of the frame should not be more than the width of the widest part of your face. Getting help from your eye doctor Augusta Maine would be advisable.
  • If you have a big face than a large sized frame would look good on you but if you have a thin face, the small sized or a slim frame would be the best possible option.
  • Last but not the least are the accessories for the frame. For example, the diamantes and the chain are also a part of the frame and that totally is based on your choice for it.

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