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If you are facing eye issues while reading a book or driving a car or doing any kind of work but you don’t like wearing glasses or lenses due to your job requirements or you don’t feel comfortable in them or simply because they are not a fashion statement then LASIK surgery is the right choice for you.

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. At Cataract Surgery San Antonio LASIK is used to reshape the cornea so that you see brighter and clearer. When cornea is deformed it results in a number of problems like loss of vision, blurred vision, problems in near-sightedness and far sightedness. It treats myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and it is the most common laser eye surgery. It is completely free of pain and is easily performed on short time.

How LASIK is performed?

It is a refractive eye surgery in which shape of cornea is adjusted to allow the light pass without any refraction and focus well on retina which is behind the eye.

To perform LASIK a flap is cut in cornea by your eye surgeon using either microkeratome or femtosecond laser which is a surgical tool, then highly specialized laser is used to ablate microscopic tissues to reshape the cornea. In near sightedness cornea is flattened while in far sightedness it is made steeper. In astigmatism an irregular cornea is smoothened. Then the flap is placed back. This surgery does not require any stitches or bandages and the cornea heals naturally. For further information visit

Cost of this procedure

Cost of LASIK varies from $299 per eye to $3,500 or more per eye.

Factors affecting the price

Following factors affect the cost of eye surgery:

  1. Geography
  2. Technology being used
  3. Insurance benefits
  4. Healthcare saving
  5. Surgical experiences
  6. Expert performing surgery

Insurance plans

Most insurance plans do not cover the cost of a laser eye surgery unless perfect vision is a demand of your job. Athletes and combat fighters mostly benefit from it. It must be checked before getting a surgery as some plans may cover half price.


LASIK has numerous advantages which makes it the most common laser eye surgery. Advantages include:

  1. No stitches or bandages.
  2. No need of glasses or lenses after the surgery.
  3. No risk surgery
  4. Perfect vision of 20/25 after the surgery.
  5. High success rate
  6. No pain involved
  7. Adjustments can be made
  8. Eyes become quite healthy after this surgery.
  9. Most suitable for athletes, combat fighters and army personnel.


Cons of LASIK include:

  1. Irreversible changes
  2. Loss of best vision in certain cases
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Need of glasses may arise due to aging
  5. Glare, halos or double vision are few problems which were reported in few cases.
  6. Not every patient qualifies for a LASIK.
  7. Complications like infection and excess tears may arise because of folding back or removal of the flap during surgery.
  8. Visual fluctuation may arise in rare cases.
  9. Debris or growth under flap is also possible.
  10. Decentred ablation

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