Muay Thai fitness in Thailand and its health benefits

You have probably heard about Muay Thai if you’re in the world of exercise and fitness. It is the national sport in Thailand, but it has reached far away countries now that people are realizing how good it is. What’s best about Muay Thai is that it is associated with multiple health benefits. One of them is accelerated weight loss, but that’s only the start.

Losing weight with Muay Thai is now easier than ever. You go to almost any gym with an academy and group classes, and you will get Muay Thai lessons. This sport is in the center of Thai culture, and the best place to learn is Thailand. That’s why Thai people has an improved cardiovascular health, lower rate of heart disease, and a preserved mental health. Mastering Muay Thai will give you similar results to you, but it widely depends on various circumstances.

However, the question remains, why is Muay Thai so popular? Why is it so good for our health?

We can start by mentioning why it works for weight loss. Muay Thai is a fun way to burn extra calories throughout the day. One single session of this type of exercise can help you burn 700 calories and more, especially if you are in an advanced class. Muay Thai is a faster way to lose weight because it is not only focused on aerobic but also anaerobic exercise. Recent studies show that you need both aerobic and anaerobic exercise if you want to reduce your weight and speed up your metabolism. Since millenary years, Muay Thai has included bodyweight training and a quick succession of strokes that count as aerobic training. Therefore, it is the perfect recipe for weight loss.

By helping you losing weight, Muay Thai at can improve many things in your body. We can count in your cardiovascular health, your metabolic health, your joint health, and even your self-esteem. But even if you’re already in your ideal weight, there’s much to expect. Muay Thai can help you increasing your cardiovascular fitness and improving your cardiorespiratory health. In other words, your heart and your lungs will become more efficient at what they do and will be able to deliver more oxygen to the rest of the body. Even diabetics and patients with the metabolic syndrome can benefit from Muay Thai. It has been found to help these patients reducing their fasting glucose and other metabolic patterns.

If you’re thinking about starting to practice Muay Thai, and you’re in Thailand, do not hesitate anymore. Visit one of our Muay Thai training camps. As soon as you start with your classes, you will see the benefits in your energy levels, your mood, and your overall health.

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