Brazilian capoeira and its health benefits

Capoeira is a martial art that is performed by two people and involves music, dance, acrobatics and fights and all these are done as a ritual. It’s a kind of a game and therefore commonly known as the Capoeira game. When playing the game, one has to wear a smile on their face and this symbolizes that the parties are not afraid of any unforeseen danger. Capoeira is one of the most effective martial arts and one that is unique. It gives you body strength, the strength of the mind and will, creativity, concentration and the confidence to approach issues broadly. Many people have confessed how capoeira helped them in life but you need to try it yourself and enjoy the benefits.

The history of capoeira dates back some 500 years in Brazil where Africans were taken as slaves. The slaves devised their ways of self-defense and they used traditional music and dance to combat their prisoners. It has developed over time and it’s now no longer used for self-defense but also a tool of rebellion.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is a great determinant of the health of your mind and body. Today’s lifestyle has minimized the avenues of body exercises and many children lead sedentary lives. This is one reason why some of these are suffering from some health complications. Children are meant to play exercise, move, jump and all manner of activity and the beauty of capoeira is that it helps one exercise every part of the body.

Helps kids develop self-esteem and confidence

How does it feel when your three-year-old argues with you on an issue and they win? It’s a great feeling and this is only possible if the child is confident and has high self-esteem This is what capoeira does. By exercising through this form of martial arts, the child gets confident in the few steps that are involved in the game and develop self-defense tactics. The teamwork taught in the game enables them to be sure of themselves. Once they are faced with life situations they have the confidence to pick themselves up in the face of failure and try again. The students in the school develop confidence in their academics and develop patience and perseverance.

The game involves concentration and focus

Capoeira involves a sequence of movements and this demands concentration, memory and every part of your body must coordinate.  They also learn discipline which is a requirement for success. They can follow strictly the structure in their program in school. Capoeira is an all-inclusive training that will set the young people on focus so that they achieve their dreams. It therefore important for you to know how to choose a martial art for your child so that they have a balanced life. Capoeira is a great choice for you.

Cardio fitness and stamina

Capoeira is an exercise that involves every part of the body; your body muscles are active and this builds stamina. Again, the heart muscles are involved and the exercise helps in shedding off unnecessary fats, making it healthy to the heart.

You may be asking whether capoeira is fit for your kids and the answer is yes and more than that, it helps them grow mentally, physically and keeps them focused on achieving their dreams in school and later in life.


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