Zirconia vs. Emax Crowns

Why choose the zirconium dental crown?

Possessing many qualities, the Zirconia Dental Crowns is increasingly appreciated by patients. So why choose the zirconium crown and what are its advantages? Smile Partner enlighten you on the subject!

What is a zirconium dental crown?

In general, a dental crown is a prosthesis to cover a damaged tooth, devitalized or restore a natural aesthetic of the mouth. There are different types of dental crowns such as the metal-ceramic crown or zirconium crown for example.

The zirconium crown, also called crown zirconia, has no metal frame. The inner part consists of zirconia, a white material and the outer part is covered with ceramic. Due to its characteristics, zirconia today makes it possible to reach the highest level of aesthetics in dentistry.

The advantages of a zirconium crown

§  Unsurpassed aesthetic result

By its natural rendering, zirconium is very aesthetic in the mouth. The absence of metal (as present in a metal-ceramic crown) avoids the appearance of a gray border near the gum. The zirconia crown has a translucent nature that allows it to let in light and give some reflection to your teeth, integrating perfectly with your natural teeth.

§  Resistant

This material is of great strength and therefore has a much longer life than other dental crowns, such as PFM crowns. Zirconium also has the advantage of showing a high thermal resistance, without unpleasant sensation related to a metal crown.

§  biocompatible

Zirconium is a biocompatible material. It fits perfectly to your teeth without any allergenic risk.

§  High finish thanks to high-tech CAD / CAM

The use of computer-aided design and manufacturing processes provides patients with a precise fit, reducing the time required to fit the crowns.

§  Gum protection

The manufacturing quality of the zirconium crown makes it totally adapted to the gingiva and therefore more watertight than a traditional crown. Indeed, in the case of dental implant placement, zirconium being more resistant to bacteria than other materials, it significantly avoids the risk of peri-implantitis (infection that affects the tissues around the implants leading to loss of bone support, with a significant risk of total loss of the implant).


E-max ceramic is a lithium glass ceramic used in the dental field to make prostheses. E-Max Ceramics was developed by Ivolar Vivadent, the world leader in dental ceramics based in Liechtenstein. The E-max ceramic prostheses are therefore entirely made of ceramic, unlike the old crowns which were made of metal porcelain, thus a mixture of metal and ceramics. E-max ceramic crowns have many advantages.

What are the advantages of E-max ceramic prostheses?

The main advantage of Emax Dental Crowns is to offer a very aesthetic result, since the absence of metal makes it possible to obtain a result very close to a natural tooth. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a crown made of ceramic E-max. Indeed, while on a metal-ceramic crown, the base is metal and must be masked by the gingiva at the time of installation, as the E-max crown is made entirely of ceramic, it is impossible to distinguish it from a real tooth. In fact, the manufacturing process of an E-max crown allows to present exactly the same aesthetic properties of a real tooth. Thus, unlike a metal-ceramic crown, an E-max crown lets light through, just like a natural tooth. This property of course makes a huge difference when the patient smiles, since it will be impossible to locate the prosthesis.

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