Tout savoir sur les prothèsesdentaires

The dental prosthesis is a medical device used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Contrary to what one might think, this treatment technique is not new since its origination is more than 2600 years old! In general, there are two types of dental prostheses: fixed prostheses and removable prostheses. In principle, it is the contracting practitioner who decides on the type of prosthesis to be adopted depending on the state of the patient’s dentition, particularly in the presence of the Montreal emergency. In an exhaustive way, let’s take a look at the dental prostheses most used by dentists.

Fixed dental prostheses

The prosthetic crown

The crown is a dental prosthesis used to replace a broken, devitalized, ultra-weakened tooth that does not have a healthy natural structure for performing composite resin treatment. It is a ceramic or composite material restoration that completely covers the damaged tooth. There are generally 3 types of dental crowns: metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, and composite resin. After the preparation of the tooth in Montreal Clinic, the dentist proceeds by taking an imprint that will be used later to make the crown.

The dental bridge

The dental bridge (oupont) is a prosthesis that allows you to replace a couple of teeth by resting the adjacent teeth (abutment teeth). It is generally manufactured in a few cases, but it can also be made in metal alloys. In spite of many advantages (aesthetics, practice, ease of maintenance, etc.), the bridge is counterindicated in the following cases:

  • In the presence of an infection of one of the abutment teeth or of one of the adjacent teeth.
  • Inadequateincreasingincorporationof one of the abutment teeth.
  • When the patient has many missing teeth, especially the opposing teeth in front of the teeth that the dentists want to replace.

The onlay

Ce type de prothèseestutiliségénéralement pour restaurerune dent extrêmementabiméenotamment dans certainscasd’urgencedentaire Montréal, suite à des caries, ou après un accident ou un choc par exemple. L’onlaypermetprincipalement de restaurer la partie visible de la dent abimée.


L’inlayestuneprothèse qui permet de restaurer la partie interne de la dent. Il estfabriquéencéramique, enmatériaux composites, ouenalliagesmétalliques. L’inlays’adapte bien à la morphologie des mâchoires et se distingue par un aspect trèsesthétique. Il offredonc de nombreuxavantages par rapport au plombage.

Les prothèsesdentairesamovibles

Le dentier

The denture is a complete surgical prosthesis made in the laboratory and installed in the Montreal Clinic . It is generally used when the patient has almost lost all teeth. It replaces all the teeth that are at the level of the lower jaw or the upper jaw. The denture can be removed for cleaning or maintenance.

Partial prosthesis

The partial prosthesis is a device that can replace a few missing teeth. It contributes to improving the esthetic aspect of the dentition as well as the masticatory function andphosphetic function.

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