Quick Guide To Broken Dentures in Winnipeg

Any patient wearing conventional dentures can testify to the fact that talking and chewing is a tedious task. It is all the more challenging when one has broken dentures. Some even find it
impossible to work with broken dentures. Reading this, you probably have broken dentures in Winnipeg or have had them break on you at some point. Whatever is the case, you will want the dentures repaired fast for your comfort.

In this piece, we shall explore some reasons why dentures break and some of the replacement and repair options available.

Why Do Dentures Break?

There are lots of reasons for this. One of the main causes of dentures breaking is that they are not a perfect fit. Yes, you might have gotten the dentures as a perfect fit. However, with time, they
need to be replaced to accommodate your constantly changing facial structure. Given that there aren’t any roots, or you’re missing tooth roots in your jaw, the bone that at one point supported the teeth will disintegrate slowly, leading to a change in your facial structure. A golden rule of thumb is to have the dentures changed every seven years. Without a perfect fit, dentures are susceptible to breakage.

Dentures tend to break, as they are not quite as strong as natural teeth. Dentures are constructed from metal, acrylic or a combination of both. Unfortunately, with time, these materials tend to deteriorate in strength and quality. Cleaning dentures regularly and handling dentures in the right way and in the right environment will help protect your dentures from breaking.

Is It Easy To Repair Broken Dentures in Winnipeg?

In all honesty, the ease of denture repair mainly depends on the extent of the damage. A simple crack can be repaired by simply bonding the two surfaces together. A broken denture, on the other hand, is a little tricky and more challenging. But yes, it is possible to repair broken dentures, but you should be aware that the quality and strength of the dentures will be compromised. Depending on the damage, a professional dentist will have to take an impression of your mouth to perform the repair.

Cracked teeth or loss of a tooth can be solved in a dental lab. In a dental lab, professionals can match the shape of the lost or broken tooth with that of its neighbouring teeth to ensure a perfect blend. If it is only a small chip, the dentist will smooth it out with ease.



Where Can Your Dentures Get Repaired?

It is advisable that you visit a professional dentist for your repair. This applies, regardless of the extent of damage – whether small or big. Dentures are custom made to fit your mouth. Impressions are taken to ensure a perfect fit.

A dentist is well-equipped to handle the repair of your dentures successfully. Additionally, working with a dentist will provide you with a quick turnaround.

While some individuals and blogs insist that you can repair them yourself, you should bear in mind that you might end up causing more harm than good. It is in your best interests that you hire a professional for the repair.


While denture breakages do occur, you should work to ensure that this is not your reality. First, ensure that cleaning your dentures is a regular practice. Second, when handling your dentures,
always have a soft rug below to cushion the landing in the event your dentures slip from your hand. All in all, caution is paramount.




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