Dental Crowns And Bridges in Spruce Grove: What Is The Difference?

You don’t have to endure the excruciating pain of a toothache or missing teeth. Thankfully, a good dental clinic can offer you quality dental crowns and Spruce Grove dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. Bridges and crowns provide an extremely reliable form of dental treatment that offers you long-lasting and natural looking results for the correction of extensive dental problems.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a tooth shaped cap fitted over a tooth to provide an efficient cover and helps restore the size and shape of teeth. It also strengthens a tooth and improves appearance, as well.

A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is comprised of two or even more crowns that fill up the space left by two or more missing teeth. Bridges are attached by cementing them to implants or natural teeth surrounding the empty space.

What are the benefits of Spruce Grove dental bridges?

You should definitely try dental bridges for a number of reasons. Below we highlight some of the benefits of dental bridges.

i. Smile Restoration – Bridges work to fill up any spaces or gaps left by missing teeth. As a result, a bridge will help to restore your smile.

ii. Speaking and Chewing Improvement – When you are missing several teeth, you will find it difficult to speak or chew food. When your dentist fits a bridge, your smile, chewing and speech abilities are restored in the most amazing ways.

iii. Prevention of teeth drifting – When you miss some of your teeth, your other natural teeth that are left behind are likely to shift and stay out of place. The insertion of a bridge helps to ensure that your remaining teeth do not shift out of place.

iv. Maintaining the shape of your face – If you do not have some of your teeth, your cheeks might look a little saggy or sunken. Filling up these empty spaces using a bridge is helpful and highly recommended by dentists, as it helps maintain your face’s shape.

Whether you need a bridge or dental crowns inserted, you will need two dental appointments. During your first dental appointment, freezing is applied to make you completely comfortable. Your teeth are then prepared, an impression of your teeth is taken and then sent to the lab. After this, you shall be released, but you will only leave with a temporary bridge or crown. Your dentist will also provide you with the ideal care instructions including some medication. After a given number of weeks, depending on a number of factors, you will be required to go for your second appointment. During this visit, you are numbed to reduce pain and the temporary crown or bridge is removed. The next phase involves trying on the new bridge or crown on your teeth while ensuring it is a perfect fit. Your dentist will ensure that it is a correct colour match to your dentition. If you like the results, the restoration will be bonded to your teeth securely and you will now be able to drink, eat, brush, and floss your bridge or crown just like your regular teeth.

Both Spruce Grove dental bridges and dental crowns are created to perfectly match the height, colour, texture, and the overall appearance of natural teeth. It is worth noting that dental bridges and crowns last a lifetime, thereby eliminating any need to carry out any replacements unless they become loose or fall out. To prolong the life and durability of bridges or crowns, dentists recommend proper oral hygiene and regular visits to dental practitioners for regular cleanings and check-ups.

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