Medical Uses of The Different Marijuana Strains

People need to realize that marijuana comes in different strains, Sativa and Indica being the most common ones. The list goes beyond the two with the emergence of hybrid cannabis strain which is an interbreed of the two, hence giving you the combined effects of the two strains. Due to a lack of knowledge, you may find yourself not knowing the strain that suits you best. Many people may find it difficult to differentiate these strains when you come across them in the streets. Due to this, people may find themselves not in a position to know the strain that suits them best. Therefore, they are advised that if you want to grow marijuana, you should buy weed seeds from licensed stores like ILGM marijuana seed bank. The advantage of buying from such places is you will be able to be guided out on the various strains of weed hence, you will be able to grow the strains that suit you best.  Let us go deeper and understand these strains and their different effect on us.

  • Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is known for its sedating effects. After intake of this strain, many customers tend to feel physically heavy, unwilling to move, and are extremely relaxed. You are also encouraged to have a snack near you if you want to take cannabis Indica, this is due to the great appetite that comes with its intake. Because of its relaxing effects, cannabis Indica is good for treating different medical conditions. People suffering from chronic pain may find it as a good alternative to pills. This is because unlike pills which one has to wait half an hour or more for medication to kick in, smoking Indica strains offers them immediate relief. Cancer patients are a good example of beneficiaries of cannabis Indica. People battling cancer often use cannabis Indica to control their pain, as it also helps them reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and stimulating the appetite. People with anxiety disorder are also recommended to take this strain due to its calming effects.

  • Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa, on the other hand, is known for its uplifting effects, which is different from the effects of Cannabis Indica. The brain tends to be at its highest level of operation after the intake of cannabis Sativa hence enhancing one’s creativity. Due to its stimulating qualities, people with anxiety disorders are advised not to take strong strains of Cannabis Sativa. Although cannabis Sativa is known for its stimulating effects, people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) use it to slow their minds down and enhance their concentration for longer periods. People suffering from depression are also recommended to take Sativa strains of marijuana, this is due to the presence of high CBD which is known for its ability to increase feel-good chemicals in the brain.

These are the two most common strains of cannabis, and we have seen that they have completely different effects. Hybrid cannabis strains tend to have effects of both cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa, this is because it is a mix of the two strains. People need to buy from reputable stores for better strains and advice. This will greatly reduce the dangers that come with the intake of a strain that doesn’t suit you or your condition. But to grow marijuana, you must first acquire a license as it is considered illegal. Hence, the unauthorized growth of marijuana may put you in trouble with the authority.

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