Medical Marijuana- Why is Soil Important for Home Growers?

Marijuana boasts of many health gains. It’s famous for its therapeutic gains, and many patients use it to manage different health conditions. While you can order products from a cannabis store, some users prefer to grow their weed at home. This has numerous benefits only if you know how to do it right. Things like seeds, soil and lighting conditions matter a lot. Talking of soil, you can make yours at home or acquire a natural mix from leading stores.

Why is soil quality important?

Just like many other plants, weed needs adequate nutrients for optimal growth. Cannabis plants require multiple micronutrients; these are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Other essential macronutrients are calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

Soil quality is vital, and you need good soil before you even think of planting your seeds. It will determine the health of your plants and the yields. For this reason, most growers go for superb grow soil. It has all you need of healthy plants and eases the process for beginner cannabis growers.

What are the qualities of the best soil for cannabis growth?

Not all soil types are suitable for marijuana growth. Also, the nutrient needs may vary from one stain to another. Therefore, your soil choice depends on the kind of strains, the weather conditions, and where you’re growing your weed.

The size of your containers also matters. They define the size of your plant’s root system. With bigger containers, the roots will have more space allowing for faster growth.

There are many traits for the best weed soils. These are;

  • Texture

The best soil for cannabis growth is light and loose. Light-textured soil promotes better root development and ensures that oxygen perpetrates the roots for better growth and improved plant health.

  • Drainage & water retention abilities

Good cannabis soil has excellent drainage capabilities. It should drain the water and not pool it on top after watering. If the soil can’t drain properly, your plants will be unhealthy, get sick, or die. And we all know what this means- poor yields.

Water retention is also critical; the best cannabis soil drains well and is good in water retention. Both two features should balance for optimal plant growth.

  • Nutrients

Your cannabis plants don’t need too many nutrients. However, good soil should contain the right mix of nutrients for optimal plant growth. This is why it’s best to go for a ready pot mix or soul kits, they have balanced nutrients, and you only need to water your plants.

  • PH value

The PH level indicates the acidity or alkalinity level of your soil. Marijuana plants thrive well within a PH range of about 6.0. A range of 5.8-6.3 would be ideal; otherwise, you’ll get lower yields, or your plants will die.

 Take home

With the many cannabis-growing accessories available, growing weed at home has never been easier. You can acquire quality seeds and good soil and watch your plants grow to form big buds. If you’re a beginner, understand the growth requirements. Also, know how to balance water and light depending on the chosen strain. Acquire your products from legitimate vendors and don’t compromise on quality.

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