3 Essential Vitamins for the Face for a Healthy and Radiant Skin

Everyone craves good looks, great health, and better skin. However, with life getting super fast and super busy, we rarely find any quality time to take care of ourselves.

We end up eating junk food, stay dehydrated, and cannot find any motivation to hit the gym! And the results are deteriorating health, poor skin, and thus, degraded appearance.

Eating good food and working out can resolve most of your problems. However, as far as your skin is concerned, you need a dedicated diet and routine for better skincare to achieve as healthy skin. As your first step, you can start taking the adequate vitamins for the face.

There are a number of different vitamins that help keep your skin radiant and healthy. The best three vitamins are discussed below:

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most essential and sought-after vitamins for the face.

This vitamin acts as an antioxidant for the skin. It is an essential element for the skin as it helps in maintaining better skin health by letting your skin breathe. It also helps you get your natural glow.

The other way in which Vitamin A helps is by reversing aging effects on the skin. This is the reason why the anti-aging creams are rich in Vitamin A. To give your skin the better amount of Vitamin A, you can directly consume it under prescription from your dermatologist. Or you can eat food items rich in Vitamin A like dairy, eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, mangoes, beef, etc.

Thus, Vitamin A makes one of the most important vitamins for the face and body skin.

  • Vitamin E

With the advancement of the internet and other knowledgeable mediums, you can seek all kinds of information about your health.  You can know what’s good and what’s bad for your health and can choose a lifestyle and diet accordingly.

Thus, in the recent times, the utility and importance of a number of minerals and vitamins for the face or body have been recognized.

Vitamin E is one of them!

With its natural goodness, Vitamin E is a great supplement for the hair and skin.  Along with being an antioxidant, this Vitamin protects your skin from damage.

The best part about Vitamin E is that it is used for both internal and external applications. So, you can consume Vitamin E in the form of capsules and can also apply it directly on your skin in the form of oil.

If you regularly use Vitamin E as one of the essential vitamins for the face, you can fight wrinkles, discoloration, skin darkening, dark spots, and many other skin conditions.

  • Vitamin C

This one is considered greatly for health but a very few people take this in the category of essential vitamins for the face. Well, if you haven’t considered Vitamin C as an essential element for your skin’s health, start with it, today!

Vitamin C is another antioxidant and prevents skin damage. Along with this, it also helps in the creation of collagen, a tissue that keeps our skin toned and firm.

You can get Vitamin C as a supplement or by the consumption of citrus fruits as well.

So, if you have been seeking the perfect skin, try including these vitamins for the face in your diet and you’ll see the results very soon!

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