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hair transplant

India is one of the prominent destinations for getting the best quality medical services throughout the globe. The hair transplant industry is one such field which shares a huge contribution to the medical tourism.

Hair loss is one of the common problems which is faced by a large number of people in different parts of the world. A little hair fall is normal as a person can lose around 50 to 100 hair strands each day. But, losing hairs more than this can be frustrating for you and at the same time, you may be in a constant fear of going bald. If you are one of them who are experiencing severe hair fall and looking out to an effective method to combat the issue and may have tried numerous remedies, which might not have worked well. It is crucial for you to know that the products which claim to restore hair loss are specifically designed to promote a thickness in the thinning hair, thus camouflaging the baldness. On the other hand, in case of complete hair loss or baldness, hair transplant is the only option to restore lost hairs.

In this article, we are bringing some relevant information on the hair transpAlant in India. Continue reading to know more about it.

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)

The Follicular Unit Transplant is a conventional method of restoring lost hairs, that involves extraction of a thin layer of tissue from the back of the scalp, where the safe donor area lies. The strip contains thousands of bunches of hair follicles that remain unaffected with the ill-effects of the androgen hormones. Upon its extraction, the strip is then sent to the hair cutting room and is stored under compatible conditions in order to avoid any kind of damage to the hair grafts. Thereafter, the technicians carry out the slivering or dissection of the grafts to separate the follicles into separate units and are then prepared for the implantation. As the technicians continue to dissect the grafts, on the other end, an implanter makes the slits in the recipient area of the scalp and sets the prepared hair follicles into the slits, ensure right direction of hair growth while implanting them.

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)-

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a contemporary technique of restoring hairs. This technique enables a surgeon to pick the individual hair follicles one-by-one from the safe donor zone and sometimes, outside the safe donor zone of the scalp. These follicles are picked with the help of an electronic punching machine with a diameter of 0.7mm. The incisions made while extracting the hairs are pinpoint pricks that heals within two days of the procedure The hair follicles are then sent to the cutting room and prepared for the implantation. Thereafter these follicles are prepared and implanted in the slits made in the recipient sites on the scalp in a manner that they match the direction of the surrounding hairs for promoting a natural-look to the patient.

Cost of hair transplant treatments in India-

The cost of hair transplant treatments in India varies person to person, depending upon the severity of hair fall and grade of baldness. Also, some other factors on that determine the cost of hair restoration surgery as follows-

Dexterity of the hair transplant surgeon-

Hair transplant is a tedious process that requires a lot of patience and medical expertise. Therefore, , it is crucial for you to check the academic qualification and expertise of the surgeon. The hair transplant surgeon must possess a postgraduate or M.Ch degree from a reputed medical college. Remember that it required 60 percent of an artistic skill set to design an aesthetic and natural looking hairline and rest medical expertise The cost of hair transplant highly depends on the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon.

Experience of the technicians and supporting staff-The pre and post surgery care plays a pivotal role in defining the success of a hair transplant surgery, Therefore, it is important to have a well-trained and qualified nursing staff in the team. Hence, the experience and skills of the nursing staff and technicians form another factor that determines the cost of hair transplant.

Improved technology-

The hair transplant center should have well- equipped operation theatre which includes modern pieces of machinery such as video-assisted microscopes with a 20X magnification power, cold light sources, clean and sanitized surgical equipment and many others.

Hygiene and safety standards-

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure and must be performed in clean and hygienic surroundings. An untidy environment may invite a risk of infection to the patient. Therefore, the hygiene and safety standards form one of the important factors when it comes to defining the cost of hair transplant in India.

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