Difference Between Hemp And CBD Oils

The cannabis sativa plant is mainly known for its recreative uses and its treatment of pain in cancer patients with chronic pain. However different substances cab be manufactured from the cannabis other than the THC substance that causes psychoactive effects on the user.

They can both be used to promote a healthy lifestyle. Hemp and CBD oils are made from different parts of the cannabis sativa plant and have different purposes.

CBD is a compound that can be derived from hemp flowers. It is extracted from the plant matter and then purified further to make the final product. Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds by simply pressing the seeds.

Over the years and with the proper studies done, it has been discovered that hemp oil and CBD oils can be used for the betterment of a person’s health. With the stigma of cannabis sativa many have failed to accept the apparent and proven benefits of these products and as a result, little advancements have been made to debunk the myth that all of cannabis is bad news.

The two products have been determined as safe to use and even more so, great for one’s health.

CBD oils has been proved to have great medicinal value and medical applications while Hemp oil is commonly used as a beauty product and a food supplement due to its abundance in nutrients. The two have different uses but confusion comes within the market where manufacturers fail to clarify their differences and wind up misguiding purchases.

Some significant differences between hemp oil and CBD oil are;

CBD oil is used in the treatment of medical condition. Whether the condition is minor or serious it’s the CBD product that can be used to give the best relief from ailments. Hemp oil does not have any medical application. Therefore, use of hemp oil as a medicine will not lead to any treatment and may leave the patient in pain and prevent them from getting expediential treatment and therapeutic results.

Which variety of plant the products come from is another distinction. As mentioned, hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds. The cannabis seeds are pressed and a fatty oil is extracted from within them. The fatty oil also referred to as hemp seed oil has many non-medical applications due to its high nutrient content. On the other hand, CBD oil is extracted from the plant matter in the flowers of the cannabis sativa plant.

The CBD oil alone has medicinal effects and can be used in medical applications.

The cannabis sativa plant itself as different varieties and hemp is one such variety. The industrial hemp has lower concentrations of THC and a higher percentage of CBD oils. This makes it a more suitable variety to extract CBD oils from.

The different species of cannabis sativa can be bred to retain different levels of these substances and then used for different applications. However, CBD is not a variety of cannabis sativa but instead a substance extracted from its flower. CBD oils can be extracted from any variety of cannabis sativa including the hemp variety.

Hemp is legally used in the production process of many different industries, who must have a high risk merchant account, such as https://thesoutherninstitute.com/marijuana-credit-card-processing/

It is used commonly in production in the food industry, the fuel industry, the fiber industry and the paper industry. Hemp oil cannot cause psychoactive effects such as the feeling of getting ”high” as the cannabis sativa can when smoked. This is largely why it is legal, and varieties of hemp breeds are used in industry.

Cannabis sativa with high levels of CBD oil are used as legal medical marijuana for patients who are experiencing chronic pain. It is mostly prescribed to cancer patients in order to relieve them from pain. Medical marijuana, is only administered to patients with proven chronic pain and must be prescribed by a licensed doctor and purchased from a licensed medical marijuana distributor.

CBD oil is extracted through various methods while hemp oil is extracted through only one process, which is pressing the hemp seeds. The various methods of extracting CBD oil include using the CO2 extraction. This is the most expensive t6echnique but yields the highest amount and the purest form of CBD oil that is not contaminated with toxins such as butane. Another technique is by using high-proof solutions such as alcohol to pull the CBD oil out from the cannabis flower. Ice-water extraction can also be used to get varying results.

Hemp oil though extracted through pressing can be derived using either a cold press or a warm press. The cold press technique presses the hemp oil out of the seeds without heating them over a particular temperature. This method preserves valuable molecules in the process.

CBD oils are considered for use in therapeutic treatments as an analytic drug and have even been considered as a possible treatment for anxiety disorders, if its administration is controlled to prevent overdose.

CBD oil has also been considered as a potential treatment of brain tumors, especially for the cancers that originate in the brain or the spine

CBD oil has also been researched as a possible treatment for epilepsy as studies show that it has significantly contributed to the reduction of seizures and other symptoms in epileptic patients.

Hemp seed oil is famous for is dietary benefits and its use as supplement hemp oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6. They offer rich plant based energy with protein being the highest source of calories. Hemp seeds contain a large dose of vitamin E which fights free radicals and balances cholesterol and contribute to optimum skin health.

Hemp seeds also contain phosphorus which facilitates good cognitive function, bone maintenance, high energy and body detoxification. Potassium is another mineral found in hemp seeds which are a source of the hemp oil. Potassium helps to support brain function and muscular strength. Hemp seeds contain Vitamin b1 which is essential in the health of the nervous system, moth, skin, hair and liver.

There is a distinct difference in the use and production of the two oils.

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