Chiropractic Care Should Be Utilized First For Lower Back Pain

There is a plethora of healthcare practitioners lower back pain sufferers can initially visit. A chiropractor is an excellent first choice for those experiencing back problems. This article will discuss lower back pain, treatment options and sequela and offer a natural, safe, effective treatment for the management of mechanical spinal pain.

Current research notes that 52% of all opioid prescriptions are for patients having back disorders and 2 million in the United States are afflicted with opioid use disorder. A 2020 research examination showed 22% of patients who saw a PCP were given an opioid prescription for lower back complaints where those who initially consulted with a chiropractor or physical therapist were 90% less likely to require opioids.

Failed surgery for a low back problem is a real possibility and occurs much too often. A study in 2013 in Washington State found that 43% of workers with a back injury who initially consulted a surgeon ended up having surgery with just 1.5% of those who first received chiropractic treatment eventually had a surgical procedure for their pain.

A 2015 study showed that patients having spine complaints who initially sought care from a chiropractor where more satisfied than those who visited a primary care physician.

Chiropractors are the preeminent healthcare providers, when it comes to relieving pain of the lower spine. Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to diagnose and treat physical, mechanical alignment problems of spine pain. Most patients who go to chiropractors find that having a chiropractic adjustment is a safe, pleasant experience because it relieves tightness and spasm of the muscles by correcting the deeper spinal misalignment. The number of treatments and visits a patient will require to attain relief of their back spinal pain will depend on how long they’ve had the condition and its severity.

It may come as a surprise to many that chiropractic care is very affordable. Most chiropractors are able to work with patients on a cash basis for their visits. Chiropractic offices are happy to explain their fees in advance and let the patients decide if they would like to go ahead with treatment. Of course, there are a number of reputable insurance companies that pay for chiropractic care. Additionally, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can be utilized for reimbursement.

It’s become clear that natural, safe, gentle chiropractic care is strongly recommended for patients with lower back pain and not only can this lead to less harmful pharmacologic and surgical recommendations, but patients will have a greater likelihood for satisfactory treatment outcomes.